12 01 2011

If I was invited to a dance as a teen, my mother would caution me  to pay particular attention at the dance to the young man who had invited me.  I was not to be more interested in other people, but to always remember ‘the one who brung me to the party.’ 

I once knew a really nice lady.     She was a little older than the normal mom because she had waited to have children.  She and her husband  eventually adopted two children. While the children were young, she acted out the normal mom for all to see.  But she never had time for the ball games or the neighborhood pool.  She was really more interested in getting on with her life.  

Within a few years, she got involved in politics and gradually worked herself into a couple of important jobs. She never had to stay home and care for the children as her husband’s good salary allowed her to have full time help and be free to follow her own interests every day.

After awhile, she ran for office and won a local position.  As the importance of her new position began to take hold, she was almost too busy for everyone every day.  In fact, she let it be known that if you wanted to reach her on the phone to be sure and call after 3 as she was more available then.  That is when her children were  home from school and she could be reached at home.  So she spent most of  her time on the phone after the children arrived from school. Her husband usually picked up dinner for the family on the way home from his job.    After all, she was a very busy and important person now and didn’t have much time for cooking anymore.   Dinner was always eaten around the phone calls.

As time marched on, she was always successful in her endeavors.  But she forgot ‘the one who brung her to the party.’  Somehow, her husband got pushed into the background more and more.  And her children always had a nanny and a housekeeper.  In fact, it was hard to know who  was really raising the children.  But she was always there for her constituents and her followers.  

Several years ago, her son was sentenced to prison and her daughter has never had much of a life.  Her  husband found someone else.  She  is still a very important person.  And has a lot of friends.  And always is very, very busy.

She just forgot  ‘the one who brung her to the party.’  Don’t ever forget ‘the one who brung you to the party.’  Unless you want to attend the party alone in your later years.