11 01 2011

I recently got into quite a discussion with people on Facebook.  We started out talking about general topics and ended up with my getting about 500 spam messages because someone did not like my point of view.  Imagine that!

The discussion went around in circles and we touched on families of today.  It was my opinion that families of today need to buckle down and be a real family.   Parents need to teach their children personal responsibility  while practicing  it themselves.  Example is always the best teacher.  

Most of the people in the discussion were blaming their past lives for whatever life they have now.   They felt that the problems they were having in their own families was because  they did not have a ‘real’ family when they were growing up and so they could not change now and have a ‘real’ family of their own.  I thought that to be pretty ridiculous.  Instead of blaming the past, they should be changing their future. 

Of course you  can have whatever kind of family you want.  You are the one in charge here.   If you didn’t have a family that met your expectations when you were growing up, that doesn’t mean you have to continue on that road.  Just change directions and from this day forward, have the family you want to have.

 Tell your children and your spouse that you love them, and then practice that love for them.  That doesn’t mean to smother them with hugs and kisses. Instead,  teach your children to have  responsibility for themselves and all their actions.  That is the way you really show your children that you love them.  In this way, they grow up being happy with themselves and with their own lives.   You do not accomplish this with unnecessary punishment.  You just simply set  the example and then encourage  and expect your children to follow your example.  This takes some practice, but then practice makes perfect. 

Show your spouse that you truly love him.  Make sure he is respected in your home.  Encourage his successes and minimize his disappointments.  Make your home a place where he wants to be, a place where he can find comfort and happiness.  

  You set the tone.  You run the show in your home.  So it is up to you whatever kind of family you have, both now and in the future. 

Work at it.   Makes no difference if there are just two of you or twelve.  You can still have that family you want to have.  It is up to you!