10 01 2011

Well, I’m still snowbound.  The weather man says most of the country is snowbound.   I miss being able to jump in my car and run to the store or to the post office or to pick up an item at the drug store.  But what I miss most of all is being able to Visit with Jesus each day.  

I have been in the habit of running by Church for a few moments every day just to say ‘Thanks’ or ‘Love You’ or   ‘I’m here again.’   All it takes is a few moments out of my day and I really miss being able to do that.

As I explained in my Visit with Jesus blog earlier, Catholics believe that Jesus is truly present in every Catholic Church all over the world.  That is why we bless ourselves when we enter the Church.   We make the Sign of the Cross after dipping our finger in the Holy Water.  This is a cleansing of sorts, making us more acceptable to enter into the presence of Christ.  We always genuflect before we enter the pew.  We  do this as a sign of respect because we  believe Jesus is there before us, either on the Altar itself or in the Tabernacle as I explained before.  Then,  we kneel before His Presence to speak to Him and tell Him whatever we have on our mind.  After that, we can sit down and continue our visit.  Or we have the option of continuing to kneel.  That is up to us. 

I know I can talk to Jesus anytime, anywhere,  and I do that all during the day each day.  But to come before Him and actually be in His Presence means much more to me.  So I will be glad when the snow is gone and I can once again jump in my car and go to Visit with Jesus.  

Have you visited with Him lately?  If not, hurry.  He is waiting for you – always.



10 01 2011

HI AGAIN.  I’m snowed in.  Thought you might be too.   Saw a recipe in the paper a couple of days ago and thought it might be a good one to try today since it didn’t take any special ingredients.  The recipe called for chicken, but we are allergic to chicken in our household, so I substituted beef.  Had a few beef pieces in the freezer.  Nothing special nor fancy, just some leftover pieces from another day.

Put either 1 chicken breast or pieces of beef in pot.  Cover with water and cook until tender.  Remove meat from broth and set aside to cool. 

Cut up 2 carrots  and 3 stalks of celery into small pieces. Chop a few leaves from celery to add more flavor.  Place vegetables in  broth and cook covered until tender.  Add salt and pepper when convenient.

Chop meat and add back to broth.   May need to add 2 cups more water by now.  

When vegetables are tender, add 1 cup water and heat again.  Now add  1 cup of uncooked noodles.  Cover again and let pot sit until noodles are tender,  about 20 minutes.  I didn’t have any  thin noodles in my pantry, so just used medium size.  Made no difference anyway. 

Add 1 can mushroom soup.  Adjust water.   Boil again for a few minutes until all flavors are combined.  

Serve.  Made a great lunch for four people today while we watched the falling snow.  Very rich soup.  Very filling.  Easy and very cheap.  

I have a cookbook for sale called Bet’s Cookbook that you might like.  Has all sorts of recipes in it, all fun, cheap and easy to prepare.  You can buy this book from me at  booksbybet, p.o. box 2249, benton, AR 72018     $10.95 plus $2 postage and handling.  Or buy from    Paypal, checks, money orders.  No c.o.d.’s.  

 The soup  only took  about 30 minutes to prepare.  In fact, I also made two Rum Cakes from my cookbook while cooking the soup.  Those cakes are easy, too.  

Enjoy your soup!