8 01 2011

Have you made your list of things to do in 2011 yet?  I have.  I’m going to save for a new house, pay off all my debt, buy a new car, and throw out all my old clothes and get something new and fashionable.  And then, just as soon as all the snow is gone, I’m going to find my outside chair again and sit in the sun. And then I’m going to plant some really pretty flowers this spring and watch them grow.   And then, I’m going to make a great big chocolate cake and eat the whole thing.  

But right now, I’m going to clean the windows.  There are lots of tiny handprints left over from Christmas.  Sort of hate to mess them up.  I may just wait until after I sit in the chair before I wipe them off.  

Watch out 2011.   Here I come!