4 01 2011

What kind of  life are you planning to have in 2011?  As usual, it is strictly up to you.  We all have 24 hours in every day.  We can use that time to do whatever we want to do.  But once that time is gone, it is gone forever.  So what do you plan to do with your precious time.  It might be work or play or good or bad.  It is always your choice.

Our individual responsibility is to see that we use that 24 hour span each day to the very best of our ability, whatever that might be.  We can be a very successful person just by being a nice person.  Or we can be an absolute monster to other people just by being obnoxious.  It is up to you each and every time.

Success?  What is that to you.  One man said,  ‘I always wanted all those nice things that everyone else seemed to have.  Then one day I realized that if I was going to ever have them,  I would have to get out and work and make the money to pay for them.’  After he figured this out for himself, he became highly successful in life.  Everyone can do this same thing.  We can all be successful in our daily lives.

We just have to remember that each 24 hours is our time to do what we should do.  Work on that personal responsibility and become that person you really want to be in 2011.   

What will you do with your life in 2011?   It is up to you!!!    Have a great year!




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