4 01 2011

If you like my writing, I have several books you might enjoy.  Cheap, too.  First one is entitled, #2503, that was the address where I grew up.  I started writing info on the family stuff for my brother and sister and enjoyed it so much that I turned it into a book.  You will enjoy it, too.  It is about growing up in the 30’s, 40’s and some 50’s in a normal, middle class family.  Just pure fun with living history thrown in.  Guaranteed laughs. 

Next one is In The 1940’s.  Based on the same format, it is the story of life in that family during the World War II years.  Lots of living history as we adjusted to the changes in our lives during those years.  Father goes to War and mother goes to work and everything just ain’t the same anymore.  You will like this one, too.

Third one is The Wonderful 1950’s.  This is all about the changes not only in my life and the lives of the other members of the family, but also the changes in the world we live in.  Do-it-yourself-ers ran the country and we all learned how to live the faster paced life.  Lots of fun, lots of laughs, and some of that good old living history once again.

I also have one I wrote entitled A Better World.  This one tells how to have a better life without it costing you one single cent.  Just raise the moral standards slightly and see what life can offer you.  You will be surprised at how easy life can really be when you live it according to the rules that God made.   And no, I’m not one of those God people that you hear about.  I’m just a simple down to earth person who sees things as they really are.  You might like to have this one, too.

And then I have a cookbook that you will really like.  It is full of fun and tips galore.  How to do almost everything when it comes to filling up those kids who are sitting at your table every day.  And how to be the best cook around without it taking a lot of time.   I have lots of experience in this field, having raised 6 children and a husband.  I prepared all those good meals three times every day for many years and it was not hard to do.  Nor was it expensive.  You can save a lot of money by doing things from scratch.  You will also be feeding your family better foods without becoming a recluse in your kitchen.  Easy, nutritious, fun way to cook.  

When your young ones look like King Henry VIII waiting at the table with knife and fork in hand, you’d better be ready to feed them.  And Bet’s Cookbook tells you how.  Enjoy this one!

All books are available on  or from   Paypal, checks and money orders gladly accepted.  Anytime. Hope you will give them a try.  I promise you will get some laughs and some of that good old history.  Each book only $10.95 plus $2   p&h.  Great 120 page paperbacks!  Enjoy!!!

Thanks.   Bet




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