1 01 2011

I was just reading through some top New Year’s Resolutions. These included lose weight, work out more, pay off credit cards, etc.  But they left out the one most important Resolution of all.  SMILE MORE!!! Everything gets a little bit better if you just SMILE MORE.  Throw away all frowns and SMILE!

This is nothing more than a simple habit and it’s easy to develop  habits.  Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, everything  will be better in your life if you just teach yourself to SMILE MORE.

You don’t have to make a big deal out of it either.  You don’t even have to tell anyone you are trying to develop this habit.  They will soon notice that you are a much nicer person.  And wonder of wonders, they will all begin to smile just a little more, too.  Your smile will cause the next person to smile and then that domino effect will go around all day.

All the people in your daily life  will appreciate the change.  The grocery checker will notice.  Your children will notice.  Your fellow workers will notice.  And most importantly, your spouse will notice this nice change. 

If you learn to SMILE MORE, then everything will take on a different perspective.  You will soon see life from a different angle.  Try it.  It’s not hard to do.

Remind yourself today to SMILE MORE!  Everyone will appreciate the difference.  You will, too!!  Because you will benefit the most of all!  Treat yourself to a better life this coming year.  

SMILE!!!!        SMILE!!!! SMILE!!!! SMILE!!!! SMILE!!!! SMILE!!!!





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