30 12 2010

My mother’s mother, my grandmother,  was a very superstitious person.  She had all kinds of beliefs.  I never knew her very well as she was very old by the time I remember being around her much.  In fact, I was really afraid of her.  She sort of barked at me when I came in the room, always wanting me to be quiet.  I got a doll buggy one year for Christmas and when I rolled it up next to her, she slid her eyes over towards me and told me to take that thing out of the room.  So I never got to know her very well.

But getting back to the superstitions, she believed that a man has to come in your front door first on New Year’s Day.  That supposedly brings good luck to the household.  If a woman enters the door first, beware!  Bad things ahead.

And she said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day, you will have to do all year long.  My mother would not do any work on New Year’s Day.  She prepared the Black Eyed Peas and Ham Hock, but that was about it.  I remember that my sister and I washed and dried the dishes.  Sure enough, I have been doing dishes  every day since then.  Guess that’s the reason.  I should have known better than to wash and dry dishes on New Year’s Day.

So watch out!  Be careful on New Year’s Day.  Be sure a man walks in your front door first.  And don’t do anything unless you want to do it all year long.





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