29 12 2010

Hope you have a great, grand and wonderful 2011.  Just remember to keep your head on straight and your feet on that lighted pathway.  Then you will do great, grand and wonderful.  Always put God in your thoughts first.  This only takes a little practice.  As you feed the kids, Thank God for the food.  As you wash the dirty dishes, Thank God for the fact that you can do that, that you can stand in front of the sink and use your hands to wash those dishes.  

Thank God for the clothes you are washing every day and for the clean sheets for the beds and for the light switch on the wall that illuminates your world.  Just make a habit of thanking God for all that you have.  It may not be enough some days, but if you thank God enough, it soon will be.  No matter how dark and dreary your life may seem, there is always a sun shining behind that cloud.  

When things were really tight, tight for us, I was ironing one afternoon and looked out the window.  Then I thought to myself, ‘Well, things couldn’t be too bad here.  There is no one starving in the gutter in front of my house.’  So always remember that.  ‘There is no one starving in the gutter in front of your dwelling place either.  Be thankful for that one, too.

Have a Wonderful New Year!!!!