Gift Giving

17 12 2010

I know this is the season for giving.  I hear it on the television all day, the radio in the car, and from everyone I know.  And I agree wholeheartedly with all of it.  But, you know, giving should not be for just this time of year, but for all during the year.   It doesn’t have to be much in order to make someone very happy.  Why not try my suggestion in the year to come.  

I’m sure there is a nursing home near you or a school for handicapped, or even a public school with a handicapped department.  And these are only two suggestions.  The recipients are up to you.   Go to the store and get a small box of cards for the occasion.  It might be birthday cards or Christmas cards or Valentines. Then sign them wishing the recipient a great holiday.  You don’t even have to put your real name.  You might want to call yourself the Elf or something like that.  Put a $1 bill in each card.  Seal it up and take them  to the place you want to give them out.  Speak to the person at the desk, telling them you want to give a card to someone who has no family or who doesn’t get any mail, or someone who is very lonely.  And then leave.  It is not necessary for you to be involved in any way.  

Some of the places want you to give out the cards yourself, but most do not.  The point is that for $1 and a cheap card, you are going to make someone very happy today.  

For myself, I have a list of  birthdays at a handicapped center.  I make sure that every child who has a birthday that month gets a card with $1 in it.  And I also send cards to a home for neglected throwaway children.  After a year of sending cards, I received a birthday list for each month.  Now I can send to individuals.  But they still don’t know who I am and that is not the important part anyway.  

This doesn’t cost me much and it gives a great deal of pleasure to the person who receives the card.  Try it.  You can do this all year long or just at certain holiday times.  

You might want to read my blog from some time ago entitled The Power of the Dollar.  Make someone happy today!




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