Going To College?

14 12 2010

When we graduated from high school in the 50’s and before that, we were well prepared to step out into the real world,  get a job, provide for a family, and have a good life.  Then the 60’s came howling into our lives and it was no longer adequate just to have a high school education.  Now it was in vogue to change the world, demonstrate, and live off Mom and Dad for years to come.  No reason to get out and get a job.  No reason to grow up.  More fun just going to college forever.  In fact, I talked with one student at a basketball game.  Seems he had been going to college for 15 years and loved it!  Planned on going for a while longer, too.  As long as the money from home held out, he would just keep on doing  that.  And by the way, he knew all the cheers for the game, too.

After that came the 70’s and all the young women were told that if they didn’t have a college degree, they could not get a job.  And since the women’s movement had been pushed into our lives, it was absolutely  and positively necessary that all women had to have a job and help provide for their family.  By the time the 80’s and 90’s rolled around, this was a way of life.  In spite of that college degree, though, most jobs were of the hum drum variety.  And not everyone is happy with their life.  This can be attested to by the number of divorces in our society of today.

Whether you be male or female, don’t make that momentous decision about college until you have thought about all the issues involved.  What field are you really interested in?  Does it pay well?  Will it provide you with an income for the rest of your working days?  But most of all, will you be happy working at that job day after day after day.    I know of several instances where the person went to college, got the needed degree, and then hated working in that field.  One, an accountant, had all the necessary education and went to work.  After two weeks, she could see this was not what she really wanted to do. She had wasted four years of her life for nothing.   She had to go back to college and get another degree  in order to become a principal in a private school.

It might be better just to skip college for a year and get a job in the field you think you want to work in.  If you like the field, then you can pursue the college later.  Worth a try.  Certainly seems feasible to know what it is you really want to do in your life rather than waste all those years pursuing something you maybe don’t want to do anyway. Sure, you can take tests to see what you are suited for.  But that is not the same as real experience.  Give yourself a fair chance.  Test the waters a little bit.  Then get on with your life.  You have years and years and years ahead of you.  Take advantage of all that is offered.  And then get on with your life.  Good Luck!




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