Getting a Job

14 12 2010

Trying to get a job?  There are still a lot of employers out there looking for good people to fill their jobs.  If  you really want a  job, you can usually find one.  No matter what job you are seeking, the qualifications are always the same.

All employers are looking for  a person who wants to work, is willing to learn and will work.  This means the person shows up on time every single day.  He doesn’t cause trouble in the office or in the field.  He listens well and learns and learns all he can about what is expected of him.  And then he performs to the very best of his ability. This means he is not watching the clock all day to see if it is time for a break yet or time for lunch or quitting time.  

When applying for a job, it is important to be truly interested in  the job and not just in the benefits.   Some applicants have been known to ask as soon as the interview begins, ‘what can you offer me in the way of benefits?’  One employer always answers that question with ‘what are you going to do to make me money?’  After all, the only reason the employer is in business is to make a profit.  Without a profit, he is immediately out of business.  The person more interested in the benefits rather than the job is the one who will never get the job.

Most employers are very fair.  He probably has been in business for a number of years and knows what it takes to run his company.  He is the one with the job.  He makes the rules. He also provides for all the people who work for him.  They, in turn, provide for him with their daily tasks.   A  lot of people are under the impression they are doing the employer a favor by coming to work.   Not so.    If  you want a job, you have to understand that it is exactly that – a job.  You work for the employer, you get paid by the employer.  

Do your very best.  Show the employer you are eager and willing to learn and to put in a full day’s work for his dollar.  Then you will have no trouble finding a job.




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