Made in China

12 12 2010

Well, I don’t know about you but I am about through buying anything that says ‘Made In China” .  The Slinky’s were not up to par this year.  The gift card purse holder would not snap. Today  I was wrapping the presents for everyone in my family and  the paper kept tearing when I tried to wrap it around a box.  Then the tape would not stick.  In fact, it peeled off faster than I could put it back on.  I finally looked on the box of tape and sure enough, there it was in great big letters – Made In China.

 So I’m through with that.  I will start looking for the tags that say Made in USA or Made in America or even Made in US.  Better to at least try to get something of quality.  

I may have to make my own paste of flour and water to make the paper stick together or use the comics as wrapping paper, but I am through with the  Made in China junk.




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