God Takes Good Care Of Me!

12 12 2010

I take my handicapped  daughter out for a short ride every Sunday.  On this ride, I heard a pop in the back of my car.  Within only a few feet, my dashboard told me that I had a flat tire and then within seconds, it read that I now had 4 pounds pressure in my left rear tire.

I had two choices.  I could pull over in this desolated part of town and hope I could contact help.  Or I could make a mad dash to WalMart, the only place open on Sunday.  I quickly decided to try to make it to WalMart, about two miles away.  I drove as carefully and as quickly as I could, pulling into the WalMart Tire Center when my tire was literally in ribbons.  The attendants started pricing tires for me while my daughter started crying and screaming as she was quite upset by now. 

 I asked the attendant to just put my spare on.  I pulled and pushed my daughter into the store where I hid among the sewing fabrics while I called my son. Fortunately he was working that day and  came immediately, bringing a friend with another car. My son said he would take care of everything and for me to just take his car and go on home.  I did this gratefully.  By now, I was as upset as my daughter and fussing to myself about how inconvenient this flat tire was  on a Sunday and in a desolated part of town.   I was glad we were home safe and sound.  

My son  purchased a new tire for me. Fortunately, the rim was not damaged and all was fine now.   But after the tire was on, the car would not start.  After testing, we were told the battery was dead.    Seems the battery had been gradually dying and was very weak.  The attendant said the battery probably would not have lasted another week. 

So that flat tire really wasn’t so inconvenient after all.  That was God’s way of telling me that He had protected me once again.  My battery might have died while I was on the highway, or late getting home for my daughter, or maybe a long ways from home.  Maybe, maybe, who knows.  But God knows. And I certainly believe that  God Takes Good Care Of Me!





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