11 12 2010

HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, RUN, RUN, RUN!  Christmas is coming!  So much to do in so short a time.   We all feel the pinch of too little time and too much to do.  Buy the gifts, wrap the gifts, set aside the time for entertaining family and friends, make the necessary phone calls, plan the menus, purchase the groceries, prepare the food.  So many things to do!  All this besides the normal hectic pace of life.  My normally hectic life would include all the carpools, shopping, washing, ironing, cleaning, and something more.

I have learned over the years to take a few minutes time just to be by myself.  This might sound impossible, but it can certainly be done.  I had a special hiding place in a corner chair in my seldom used living room.  I would prepare a hot cup of tea and head for my hiding place.  My children would be looking for me and calling my name and talking among themselves about where I might be.   They always knew I was around somewhere so they would then busy themselves with their own endeavors. That fifteen minutes meant a lot in my day.

You can do the same.  Set aside a few minutes to be alone, just to be by yourself.  Time to think or relax or just be.  Maybe you have a hidden refuge.  If not, then just shut your mind down for that few minutes and relax.  Drink that cup of tea.  Shut your eyes, relax your body, stretch your legs and arms, and feel the tenseness go away.  

Master this little trick of taking time for yourself every day.  You will feel much better and be better able to cope with your hectic schedule.

Then you can HURRY, HURRY, HURRY AND RUN, RUN RUN, with the best of them.  





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