Kids Today

29 12 2009

Kids always want, want, want something. Especially during the holiday season. They want whatever they have been shown or told or heard about that they really, really should have. Then this will make them happy. Just like grownups, they sometimes think that whatever they can obtain in the way of material things is what will make them happy. But if you will note a small sleeping child hanging onto a stuffed toy, you will see that toy is what is making him happy right now and that is because the stuffed toy is close and huggable and warm and fuzzy and all those things that really make him happy. To make him truly happy and comfortable and content with his life, he needs just one thing and that is you, his parent. He needs you to hold him and tell him that you love him. Do this sometime during the day. Make a point of just hugging him quickly or stroking his back, or kissing him on the cheek. Do whatever is appropriate for his age. But tell him that you love him. This is what he wants most of all. He wants his mother and father to love him no matter what the day brings. He wants to feel that. He wants to know that for sure. He wants to always be comfortable in that love. That is what the children of today need and want most of all. They want to know that they are loved with a love that will last forever. They want to know that no matter how much they mess up, no matter how many times they seem to do everything wrong, they are still loved unconditionally. For truly happy children, just  show your children that you love them.  That is what parenting is really all about. Successful parenting, that is.