“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

21 12 2009

I hear a lot of comments made these days about how technology is absolutely ruining the English language. Well, I am sure it is, but then I am sure it has been ruined a few times before. I’m sure during Shakespeare’s times, many people were concerned that the English language was going to be a thing of the past. But it wasn’t. And it won’t be ruined this time around either. As long as the children in school are taught the proper use of grammar, everything will remain as it should be. Children should be taught how to write a sentence, how to form a paragraph, and how to write a decent letter. Those were things I was taught in school many years ago. Even if all children these days and up into the future use their phones and text all the time, the English language will still remain intact if those same children have learned how to properly use the English language. I am constantly amazed at the shorthand communication used in texting. But then I have learned to use it myself every day. It really isn’t so bad. It just makes it easier to write in a hurry. Nothing wrong with that. I still know how to speak a sentence.I still know how to communicate properly and this is what I am actually talking about. The phones are excellent communication devices these days. One of my grandchildren and I were discussing the baby boomers the other day. He searched on his phone and immediately told me what years the baby boomers represented. I find that amazing. In another case, a religious friend brought up the source of her daily prayers on her phone to show me. Isn’t that marvelous, though, that there is so much information right at the fingertips. Literally.

Personally, I would not want to be talking like people did in Shakespeare’s time. I can just imagine how the conversations would go these days. It might be said, ‘Wow! Thou dost appear just awesome these days, actually.’   Doesn’t sound all that wonderful to me. I’ll just stick with the language as it is today – texting, messaging, e-mailing and all.