Abortion Is Not Healthcare

16 12 2009

When Roe vs Wade became law, the feminists and other liberals were overjoyed to think they had won one of their most important battles. They identified the murdering of those still in the womb as freedom for women, freedom from being chained to their reproductive systems. I never quite understood any of this. To me, with all the means available to avoid pregnancy, why in the world would someone become pregnant if they didn’t want to. It was so easy to avoid becoming pregnant. Just simply take the birth control pill or use condoms or make sure the male partner had a vasectomy. Simple answers. But those in charge, those feminists and other liberals, were determined to destroy human life. They wanted to run everything from their perspective, their viewpoint. And so they won that important battle. Of course since that time, it has been documented many times over just how many millions of innocent lives have been destroyed in the wombs of their mothers. And, at the time of the ruling of Roe vs Wade, it was said of those pro-lifers – ‘they will go away’. After time, they will just disappear. They will give up their battle.

So now we have come down to that all important issue regarding the paying for abortions by the government run health care system that is being debated in the congress today. And, again, one of the feminist spokespersons recently said that she could not believe that the feminists are still having to fight the same battle over abortion that they had successfully fought so many years ago.

Wonder why they thought we pro-lifers would go away. Wonder why they thought we would just disappear into the woodwork. We will never go away. We will fight until we win this battle for those millions of innocent lives that have been snuffed out in their mother’s wombs. And when we are gone, our children will continue to fight that same battle over and over again. And we will win.



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