Bonds and Taxes

15 10 2009

alg_pothole-[gadling-bumper]Another interference into the life of the individual in these United States of America. I was told only yesterday that the government, meaning the liberal Democrats, have devised another new tax system. The average American thinks that streets and sewers and schools built in this country are paid for by their tax dollars. This is not true. Those new city and county and state projects are paid for with bonds. The city or county or state or schools or whatever is needed issue bonds in the amounts that they need to get their construction under way. These bonds are put out for the public to buy at an interest rate that will attract buyers. In effect, they are borrowing money from the investors to pay for these projects. The life of these bonds can vary from a few years to up to about 30 years. The interest rates are not generally very high, but they are usually issued as ‘tax free bonds’. This is what draws the taxpayer to purchase these bonds. Because he can draw interest every six months for the life of the bond or until the bond is called. And he does not have to pay tax on this interest. If the municipality or school or college is able to pay off the bonds earlier than their life, then the bond will be called and the taxpayer gets his investment (loan) back. The taxpayer can buy bonds that are rated very highly, meaning you are almost assured of getting your money returned to you, or they can take more risk, usually for higher interest rates, gambling on whether or not they will get their full return back.

This method of taxpayer funding for municipalities and schools has been around a long time. It has worked for many years. People want to invest their money where they can make enough to pay for their investment. Remember, when a bond is purchased, that money is not in your pocket and you do not have it to spend for a few years or up to 30 years. So you cannot risk buying bonds if you are not sure you can do without the money for a long time. But the municipalities are willing to pay enough tax free interest to attract a myriad of buyers. This tax free interest is very, very important to the progress of municipalities in these United States.

So now, the liberal Democrats have devised a new method for paying for these bonds. They have put out the word to municipalities that if they will put their bonds out for sale and not make them tax free, the government will pay up to 35% of the interest due on the bonds. How’s that for getting into your back pocket without anyone knowing about this. The usual hidden agenda. And this will eventually kill the tax free bond market. The funds will dry up and people will not invest in the building of new streets or schools or sewers of the city or the county or the state. So who will win in this situation. Certainly not the investor. And not the general public because they will be without those much needed services. And the bond seller won’t win either as he will lose most of his business. But the most important part is that the person who will eventually lose in this endeavor is the average, every day taxpayer. Because he will no longer have the services he is entitled to. He will not have the new schools for his children nor the new streets in his town nor the new sewer and water lines that his town and county are depending upon for their expansion. But he will get to pay more in hometown taxes than he ever has before. Because someone will have to pay to have the old streets fixed and to have the old schools renovated and to have the old water and sewer systems upgraded so that everyone won’t get sick. So who has won in this? Of course, as usual, the liberal Democrats, the so-called Government of today. They will have destroyed another entity of this country of ours. They will have once again brought about the change they talk about which is only hurtful to everyone except them.

I remember when Stalin was powerful and how they said only a handful of people benefitted from progress in Russia – of which there was very little. Only a handful of people lived a really good life with homes on the sea and servants and automobiles and schools for their children. That is where this liberal Democrat Congress is leading our country. To where only THEY will benefit. The rest of the country does not count. Just ask Obama and Nancy Pelosi and they will probably tell you just this – it is their country. They have been waiting a long time to change it the way they want it to be.

Vote Republican as soon as you can.



14 10 2009

moneytreeIt has been said many times that the main problem with this country is that the rich people run everything. Of course this is definitely not so. ACORN is a good example of that. They have been running things pretty much their own way for quite some time. It is a well known fact that they have siphoned money many times from one charity into another one. Just using any and all money however and whenever they pleased. And definitely not using it however the individual donors intended for it to be used. How much they actually helped poor people remains to be seen. After we see how much they managed to put into their own pockets.

It was reported recently that one of their main projects was to provide housing for the so-called poor. They went into run-down, overgrown older housing areas where no one had lived for quite some time. ACORN then fixed up the older homes and cleaned up the yards, etc. Then they helped these poor people to acquire a home of their own. You know, the grand old American dream for all. Owning a home of your own where you can fix up and paint up and clean up for yourself. Only they didn’t do much of that. And besides that, the poor people had been talked into buying homes that they could never make the payments on. Then when ACORN could not help out with the re-financing or paying off the mortgages, these bad home loans were turned over to Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae. They say (those who were doing the reporting) that this could have contributed greatly to the final fall of the government housing mortgage programs. I think those programs have been blamed for most of the recent recession. Or at least that is what I have heard. Only the name ACORN had never been mentioned before. Surprise!!!

Meanwhile, ACORN was  busy supporting Obama with their ACORN money and their poor people. They brought  those poor people in on busses to the various rallies and to campaign in various areas for Mr. Obama. Wonder where they got the money to run those busses or pay the people for their time. Sure makes you wonder about all those people who supposedly run everything. I don’t think any of them were rich people. Even the man who started the ACORN and ran it for years denied that he was rich. And it was reported that his relatives weren’t rich either. They just had sticky fingers, but they are working that out right now, before any charges are filed.

And those who were caught on television advising others about how to get around the rules of running a business. They weren’t rich. And the prostitute and her brothel of underaged foreign girls that were getting the free advice  – I know they were not rich. Wonder who those rich people are who run everything. Certainly not anyone that I see anywhere, any time. The only rich ones I know that are running the country are the members of Congress who seem to be far richer than they should be. And their personal friends or relatives who also seem to be of the richer types.

That’s it! That must be the rich people who are running everything. That is what is wrong with this country. Most definitely.

Peace Prize?

13 10 2009


Well, in case you have not heard the big news – Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

So what.

Just makes it clear that there is no credibility to the Nobel Peace Prize.  Must be political as usual.

Obama had only been President of these United States for 12 days when the nominations were closed for this year’s Peace Prize.

So he had accomplished absolutely nothing in his Presidency at that time.

No reason to have given him the prize.

Obviously, no credibility to the Nobel Peace Price.

And I’m sorry about that.  Another special thing of this world gone down the drain.  Something else you cannot depend on.  That’s a shame.


7 10 2009

prezI have been around a long time. I have lived through many an administration, but never have I seen an administration that could compare with the current one. Administrations in the past had their faults, no doubt about that. Both Republican and Democratic have been depicted as tyrants at times and at other times as complete idiots. Both representations were true at the time I am sure.

I remember when Franklin Roosevelt was President and everyone hung onto his every word as though it were gospel. He had been in charge so long that people actually revered him. Many a tear flowed on the day he died. He had been in ill health for several years and really should have resigned, but it was said, ‘you don’t change horses in midstream’. Truman was depicted as an idiot by the media. Of course the media didn’t carry as much weight as they do today. But they reported every single idiotic thing that Truman did. And Truman eventually came to be known as one of our better presidents.

I have lived through the shortages of Eisenhower’s time. I don’t remember any of the reasons, but we had shortages of meat, bacon, sugar, coffee, and just about everything else. The shortages came one after another. And prices soared. It was difficult to buy groceries because everything was in short supply and cost more than normal. But somehow we lived through all of it. Kennedy jumped in on the Bay of Pigs fiasco and got the Vietnam War going full steam. Of course Lyndon Johnson did his fair share of causing trouble by promoting the Vietnam War. Being an old time politician, he never saw a bill he didn’t like and so he passed them constantly. Tried to change everything in the country. Most of it just caused more and more problems. After that of course was Nixon and all his problems. He stopped that horrible war though and everyone was grateful for that. Then came Ford and he wasn’t allowed to do much of anything except set the speed limits on the highways because of the oil shortage. Then Carter came along with his higher and higher taxes.  He was getting 90% of every dollar for awhile. It was truly awful. Didn’t pay to even get up and go to work during his time. But thank heavens for Ronald Reagan who brought some sensibility to the Presidency. He was about the only one that had a good head on his shoulders and really put the country on the right track. In fact, he was probably the best President I had ever seen. Then came George Bush Sr. and I thought he was truly a great president. He faced a Democratic Congress which would not let him pass even one single bill. The Democrats thought that was a funny thing to block the progress of the country. And of course the press was on the side of the liberal Congress and they thought that was funny, too and supported the liberal agenda all the way. Right up to Clinton and his slick ways. He was another one that wanted to change everything and everyone. But he was too slick for his own good and did not manage to change much of anything. George W. Bush was next and again, he faced that Democratic Congress and the liberal, liberal press. And they did the same thing to him that they had done to his father. And they all laughed once again. So very funny to choke the progress of the United States.

And now we come to Barack Obama and his czars. As I said, I have lived through a lot of administrations, but have never seen one like this. The Obama administration has come into office with a full agenda of not only planning to change America, but with a full plan of how to do this. They have in mind to take away your right to bear arms and then will come the destruction of free speech. If both these are taken away, it is easy to take away all the other freedoms from all the people. We have seen it happen in all the countries of the world. I remember Hitler and his ways. The world watched while he not only destroyed a country and its neighbors, but he also destroyed a whole race of people. He was determined that all in this world should belong to him and him alone. And he just about managed to accomplish all of his desires. He had Poland, France and Belgium and all their nearby neighbors. Mussolini in Italy helped him with that section of the world. It was help or be destroyed. And on the other side of the world was Japan and all its glory mongers.

No one thought any of this could happen, but it did. And now no one thinks these things can happen in the United States of America, but they are happening right now. Pay attention. Get that Democratic liberal Congress out of there as quickly as possible. If Obama cannot accomplish his plan within the next couple of years, he is finished. Pray that he will be finished.

Pray constantly for our country. You do not have to go to a church to pray. Just pray in your mind. Ask God to help us all. He will if we but ask.

Forever War

5 10 2009

collage tintI remember it like it was yesterday – or maybe today. That usual nice Sunday evening. We had gone over to my parents to visit awhile. They had invited us to stay for dinner and so me, my husband and our children had opted to stay for a quick dinner. It was pleasant and fun for all. Our children were young, too young for battle. The Vietnam War had been raging on for awhile. We all hated that War. Even today, there is never any agreement that we should have been there or done anything in that region of the world at all. We had all had enough War to last us for awhile. But seems that some men never get enough of war. Our politicians just keep right on planning one war after another, over and over again. There was the World War I before my time. But I have heard my parents and grandparents talk about that War to end all Wars. And then after that was the Great Depression which I have also heard my parents talk about. And then about the time people recovered from a little bit of that or perhaps to help the people recover from that, we had the great World War II. That one war was enough to last me for the rest of my life.  I was not very old, but do remember many of the pictures and battles from that one. And then here we come right after that with the Korean Conflict – didn’t want to call it a war at that time. And right on the heels of that ‘conflict’ was the Vietnam War. Enough!!!!

I was listening to a history tape the other day wherein Winston Churchill bemoaned the fact that War had lost its glamour. It was no longer a gentlemen’s game. No longer a place where young gentlemen were honed into wiser old gentlemen who could then sit around with their drinks and cigars and talk about the old days, the glamourous days of their particular war. Their necessary war.

But this particular Sunday evening, we all settled down in the living room after dinner to watch the President of the United States make an important speech about the War in Vietnam. We were all expecting he would say it was over and the men – those that were left – were coming home at last. I was much more tuned into raising my family than I was in the upcoming speech, but I sat down to watch anyway. And then here he came, the President of the United States. He cleared his throat like he always did when he wanted to say something  important. And then he dropped the bomb of the century. He had sent more troops into Vietnam. A lot more troops. And bombers. And all the other stuff that goes into the making of Wars.

All my family, my parents, and my own small family were speechless. How could he do this to us? How could he continue to send our young  men into harm’s way and sit there like it was nothing. How could he possibly justify any of this. And then the short speech was over.  My Dad had been a staunch Democrat all his life. But now, he just got up from his chair and walked out of the room. He had nothing to say in support of the President like he usually would have. There was just nothing to say at all. Not by any of us.

When we did finally regain our composure, we all agreed that we could not understand how any of this could be done. Didn’t make any sense to  us. And we must have been representative of all the other households in our country that Sunday evening. Almost everyone  that we talked to was against the War. None of us agreed that our young men should be sent over and over into that hell of a place way on the other side of the world. We had nothing to gain there and an awful lot to lose. Why was our President doing this awful thing to us again and again.

And then on this Sunday evening many years later, I am watching the news and hear that our current President of the United States is considering sending thousands more troops into Afghanistan. To be slaughtered for no gain once again? The news also gave the tally for today’s fighting. Seems there were eight killed today. Just think of those eight mothers and wives who will mourn every day of their lives on this earth. Think of the tears shed over and over again. Think of that gaping hole left in their lives and in their families. Think of the children left fatherless. And then explain to me once again why we need another War. Why send more troops into that place of horrors full of rocks and mountains where our men will have to fight and defend a position that none of us is quite sure of.

I agree wholeheartedly in protecting our country from terroristic activity. I think our borders should be made more secure. And our agencies should be allowed to do their jobs to find these terrorists and convict them and get them off the streets and out of our country. But I do not think Afghanistan is worth the life of even one of our young men. Protect us at home. That is where we are. Bring our young men home. Get out of Afghanistan. Stop fighting one war after another in this world. It is time for the so-called necessary wars to become unnecessary.

And maybe, just maybe it is time for all of us to pray more and fight less.

HR 2454 a.k.a. Cap and Trade

3 10 2009

don2( Cap and Tax  –  Part 2)

Getting back to the Cap and Trade Bill, this is designed to make each company create a certain ‘cap’ on their maximum amount of carbon dioxide emissions. This cap is based on a measured baseline amount. And each one of these companies is given a set amount of emission credits. (Wonder who set the emission credit level? I’ll just bet it was another one of those Democratic liberals). And so then the company must make sure they do not exceed the set amount they are credited with. If they do, they must purchase or ‘trade’ credits with other companies that have extra credits.

First of all, this will turn out to be quite an expensive endeavor for each and every one of the companies that provide us with energy. Therefore, all energy costs will rise. This will make a great impact on all the people of this country, the rich and the poor. It will mean all of their energy costs will rise. In fact, it could cause as much as a 20 percent increase in electric costs almost immediately. And by 2030, there will be a 250 percent increase at the retail level. This is already known and attested to. And here we are in 2009. That means that it will probably increase twice that much by the year 2030.  Who is it that makes up all this drivel that we all have to live with? What is going on in this world that we, as citizens of the United States, seem to have nothing to say about any of the bills that are being rammed through Congress with this new administration? Better vote Republican as soon as you possibly can.

Remember Jimmy Carter’s Dept of Energy and the exorbitant costs to run that bureaucratic mess.  This Cap and Trade bill will probably force the government to have a whole new department which should cost  billions to run.  Just like Jimmy Carter’s Department does today.

Meanwhile, contact any of your Senators and Representatives.  Tell them you don’t want this Cap and Trade bill.  Now that you know what it is.  I don’t think THEY – the liberal Democrats – want any of us to know what is actually in the bill or what it will cost.   All the energy companies are opposed to this bill.  They will be forced to charge more for their services.  Or go out of business.  And no one wants that to happen.  We need them.  We need the energy for this growing country.  And we don’t need the Democrats who always tax and spend.  Remember the old adage, ‘give them an inch and they will take a mile.’  The Democrats certainly fit that niche.

Once Again, Another Bright Idea?

3 10 2009

don1(Cap and Tax –  Part 1)

Well, you’ve heard it said, ‘give them and inch and they will take a mile.’ Certainly true of the Democrats these days.

I’m sure you have heard of the Cap and Trade bill which has been proposed  by President Obama. It is also known as the Waxman-Markey Bill, and it forces companies in the United States to limit carbon dioxide emissions. In the first place, whose idea is this? Some egotistical, always right person who thinks they know what is best for all of us – as usual. I see nothing wrong with our world today. I think I must have a completely different outlook towards this planet we live on than the outlook any of the Democrats have. It is my assumption that this is God’s planet. It is God’s world. It is not our world. We are not in charge here. Like it or not, God will take care of his world. God knows we drive cars and He knows we have electricity and He understands we heat out homes and use the water for our lawns and all those things that we, as human beings do, every single day. This is what God expects us to do. He knows about every single thing that has ever been invented, patented, or used. And He will take care of this world just fine without a lot of help from all these Democratic liberals who think only THEY know what is best for all the rest of us.