14 10 2009

moneytreeIt has been said many times that the main problem with this country is that the rich people run everything. Of course this is definitely not so. ACORN is a good example of that. They have been running things pretty much their own way for quite some time. It is a well known fact that they have siphoned money many times from one charity into another one. Just using any and all money however and whenever they pleased. And definitely not using it however the individual donors intended for it to be used. How much they actually helped poor people remains to be seen. After we see how much they managed to put into their own pockets.

It was reported recently that one of their main projects was to provide housing for the so-called poor. They went into run-down, overgrown older housing areas where no one had lived for quite some time. ACORN then fixed up the older homes and cleaned up the yards, etc. Then they helped these poor people to acquire a home of their own. You know, the grand old American dream for all. Owning a home of your own where you can fix up and paint up and clean up for yourself. Only they didn’t do much of that. And besides that, the poor people had been talked into buying homes that they could never make the payments on. Then when ACORN could not help out with the re-financing or paying off the mortgages, these bad home loans were turned over to Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae. They say (those who were doing the reporting) that this could have contributed greatly to the final fall of the government housing mortgage programs. I think those programs have been blamed for most of the recent recession. Or at least that is what I have heard. Only the name ACORN had never been mentioned before. Surprise!!!

Meanwhile, ACORN was  busy supporting Obama with their ACORN money and their poor people. They brought  those poor people in on busses to the various rallies and to campaign in various areas for Mr. Obama. Wonder where they got the money to run those busses or pay the people for their time. Sure makes you wonder about all those people who supposedly run everything. I don’t think any of them were rich people. Even the man who started the ACORN and ran it for years denied that he was rich. And it was reported that his relatives weren’t rich either. They just had sticky fingers, but they are working that out right now, before any charges are filed.

And those who were caught on television advising others about how to get around the rules of running a business. They weren’t rich. And the prostitute and her brothel of underaged foreign girls that were getting the free advice  – I know they were not rich. Wonder who those rich people are who run everything. Certainly not anyone that I see anywhere, any time. The only rich ones I know that are running the country are the members of Congress who seem to be far richer than they should be. And their personal friends or relatives who also seem to be of the richer types.

That’s it! That must be the rich people who are running everything. That is what is wrong with this country. Most definitely.