7 10 2009

prezI have been around a long time. I have lived through many an administration, but never have I seen an administration that could compare with the current one. Administrations in the past had their faults, no doubt about that. Both Republican and Democratic have been depicted as tyrants at times and at other times as complete idiots. Both representations were true at the time I am sure.

I remember when Franklin Roosevelt was President and everyone hung onto his every word as though it were gospel. He had been in charge so long that people actually revered him. Many a tear flowed on the day he died. He had been in ill health for several years and really should have resigned, but it was said, ‘you don’t change horses in midstream’. Truman was depicted as an idiot by the media. Of course the media didn’t carry as much weight as they do today. But they reported every single idiotic thing that Truman did. And Truman eventually came to be known as one of our better presidents.

I have lived through the shortages of Eisenhower’s time. I don’t remember any of the reasons, but we had shortages of meat, bacon, sugar, coffee, and just about everything else. The shortages came one after another. And prices soared. It was difficult to buy groceries because everything was in short supply and cost more than normal. But somehow we lived through all of it. Kennedy jumped in on the Bay of Pigs fiasco and got the Vietnam War going full steam. Of course Lyndon Johnson did his fair share of causing trouble by promoting the Vietnam War. Being an old time politician, he never saw a bill he didn’t like and so he passed them constantly. Tried to change everything in the country. Most of it just caused more and more problems. After that of course was Nixon and all his problems. He stopped that horrible war though and everyone was grateful for that. Then came Ford and he wasn’t allowed to do much of anything except set the speed limits on the highways because of the oil shortage. Then Carter came along with his higher and higher taxes. ┬áHe was getting 90% of every dollar for awhile. It was truly awful. Didn’t pay to even get up and go to work during his time. But thank heavens for Ronald Reagan who brought some sensibility to the Presidency. He was about the only one that had a good head on his shoulders and really put the country on the right track. In fact, he was probably the best President I had ever seen. Then came George Bush Sr. and I thought he was truly a great president. He faced a Democratic Congress which would not let him pass even one single bill. The Democrats thought that was a funny thing to block the progress of the country. And of course the press was on the side of the liberal Congress and they thought that was funny, too and supported the liberal agenda all the way. Right up to Clinton and his slick ways. He was another one that wanted to change everything and everyone. But he was too slick for his own good and did not manage to change much of anything. George W. Bush was next and again, he faced that Democratic Congress and the liberal, liberal press. And they did the same thing to him that they had done to his father. And they all laughed once again. So very funny to choke the progress of the United States.

And now we come to Barack Obama and his czars. As I said, I have lived through a lot of administrations, but have never seen one like this. The Obama administration has come into office with a full agenda of not only planning to change America, but with a full plan of how to do this. They have in mind to take away your right to bear arms and then will come the destruction of free speech. If both these are taken away, it is easy to take away all the other freedoms from all the people. We have seen it happen in all the countries of the world. I remember Hitler and his ways. The world watched while he not only destroyed a country and its neighbors, but he also destroyed a whole race of people. He was determined that all in this world should belong to him and him alone. And he just about managed to accomplish all of his desires. He had Poland, France and Belgium and all their nearby neighbors. Mussolini in Italy helped him with that section of the world. It was help or be destroyed. And on the other side of the world was Japan and all its glory mongers.

No one thought any of this could happen, but it did. And now no one thinks these things can happen in the United States of America, but they are happening right now. Pay attention. Get that Democratic liberal Congress out of there as quickly as possible. If Obama cannot accomplish his plan within the next couple of years, he is finished. Pray that he will be finished.

Pray constantly for our country. You do not have to go to a church to pray. Just pray in your mind. Ask God to help us all. He will if we but ask.