Because Every Life Is Sacred

2 10 2009
Huck Pac 3


Well, as usual, you can count on those Democrats. I am on Mike Huckabee’s email list and got the latest news tonight. Seems the Democrats voted 13-10 in the Senate Finance Committee against Republican Orrin Hatch’s amendment that would have made it certain that federal funds in the health care bill would not pay for abortions. Right now, the Senate Finance Committee’s bill forces the Congress to renew the anti-Abortion language every year. If they do not do this, it will lead to federal funding of abortions.

The vote was along party lines with only Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe voting with the Democrats – as usual. You can always count on her also.

Well, as you can only imagine, the powers that be in the Democratic Party – Senators such as Barbara Boxer or John Kerry or Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even President Obama will never, ever, ever bring up voting against federal funding for abortions – ever again. Not next year nor the year after that, nor even the year after that.  So after this year has passed, it will automatically mean that abortions WILL be federally funded. Whether we like it or not.

Perhaps the Senate has not read any of the latest polls that show Americans are overwhelmingly against abortions. Period. No abortions!!! And certainly not any that are federally funded for any reason whatsoever. But we, as citizens, will not have the power to stop any of this once that bill is passed. Only the Congress will be able to vote to renew the anti-Abortion language every single year. Well, as I said, you can just imagine that happening. Certainly not with this Congress.

Mike Huckabee is asking right now for $11 or more to be donated to his Pro Life Team Huck PAC. They will use the finances to help elect Pro-Life Republicans to the Senate. That is how many Republicans they need to regain control of the Senate. 11. Big number. But can be possible with help.

Huck PAC is absolutely, positively Pro-Life. All the way. You might want to get more information or even sign up for his emails at Huck Pac. Keeps me posted on what is really happening up there in never, never land.

As I said earlier on this blog, watch Huckabee. You might just like him. So far, he is the only one standing up for the real high moral principles. I am watching. We could certainly use a big dose of high moral principles right about now.




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