The Survey – part 2

21 09 2009

tickboxPart two of the 2009 Priority Issues Survey from the Democratic Party

Well, it was enough just to try and digest the first part of this Survey, but I will continue anyway.

And I quote – despite a volatile stock market and public opposition, Republicans remain determined to privatize Social Security. Do you support this? The point is, they interject into the question the fact that the stock market is down – Democrats did this with THEIR recession. As to the public opposition to the privatization, I personally don’t know enough about it to have an opinion on this and I don’t think most people do. But it is written to sound like it is all the fault of the Republicans which just ain’t so.

And then should the medicare prescription drug benefit plan be reformed to make it less confusing to seniors. How stupid do they think people are. Another chance to interfere in people’s lives.

And then, which political party do you trust to protect your retirement security and to responsibly reform Medicare. Oh my, that is a really loaded question. If you will remember, Democrats are always wanting to reform something or someone. That is part of their major plan for us all. They know better than we do how to do everything in our lives! I would not say they were protecting anyone’s retirement security what with more government interference and more taxes. And there they go again, going to reform Medicare to help us all. Their ‘help’ is what is ruining this country right now.

Now we come to education. How does America rank against other countries. How would most people know. It is a stupid question to ask. How much does the average person know about education in a foreign land.

Next question, do you think federal government should provide more assistance to Americans who want to continue after high school. In plain words, are you for assisting people to go to college? Personally, I do not think it is necessary that everyone should have to go to college. We all need those contractors, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and others who do not need nor want a college education. Most people in sales do not need a college education. What happened to those who just planted their feet, worked hard, and made a good living? Now, everyone HAS to have a higher education just to get a job interview. I think this is dead wrong. But in the 1960’s when those who had hair from their head to their toes were busy marching and causing troubles of all kinds, they made it sound like you just couldn’t ever get ahead in this world unless you had that college degree. And so here we are today. If you want a job at all, you must have some sort of degree and I think that is a shame. There are lots of talented people out there who do not want to go to college and they should have an equal chance at a decent job. Meanwhile, if you want to go to college, pay for it!  just like every other perk in life, it is necessary to pay your part.

Then the next question- which democratic initiatives will help American families afford the rising cost of college. And that is one loaded question. And it lists all the democratic options such as increasing pell grants, cutting student loan interest rates, and increasing college tuition tax deductions. Better latch onto that last one. Democrats never, ever offer a tax deduction for anything!

And next is the energy and environment. Hot dog! We were all waiting for that one. Like the global warming, you know. Coldest winter we ever had was just a few years ago. And coolest summer in years this year. I’m beginning to wonder where all those people live that insist we are having global warming. Even the experts on television say we have nothing like that going on. This is simply cycling in the weather and has been going on since time began. In fact, one of the major experts just this week was saying that in the 1920’s and 1940’s we had the same type storms that we have had lately. Big deal! But it is something to raise funds about and rally round. So you can depend on the Democrats to beat the drum and make an issue of it all. Without constant news coverage, we would never have even heard about global warming or the green issues. Why change the world to suit a few liberals?

Next, they want to know how we are to achieve energy independence. Wonder if they ever considered drilling for oil on this continent. Nope. They only offer an answer of increasing offshore drilling and oil exploration in wilderness areas. Of course those would all have to be acceptable to those who are saving our continent for the future. On their terms for whose future. Other answers include developing renewable energy, conservation, investing in technology, or raising gas mileage standards. To whose standards.

And the final questions are regarding our government. How important is it for Congress to reassert its constitutionally mandated role as a co-equal branch of government and fulfill its oversight abilities. Maybe they all should have a class in reading the Constitution and answer their own questions. Next, how satisfied are you by the tone and productivity of the relationship between Congress and White house since they are all Democrats. Well, if you like bullies, here they are.

And finally, how aggressively should Democrats investigate possibly illegal and unconstitutional actions by Bush Administration officials. Well, now, I think they should investigate Mr. Clinton first and then after that, if they find nothing wrong, they might look at the Bush Administration.

People have very short memories. If you will think back to the administration of George Bush Sr., he begged for Congress to pass some of his legislation. Made no difference if it was good legislation or not, the Democrats would not pass anything for him and made that point very clear at the time. Remember the term, ‘shut down the government’  or ‘Beltway Blockade’ and how proud the Democrats were that they could shut down the legislative processes that had kept this country free for many years. But Bush was faced with that  Democratic Congress and that is why he was not able to accomplish much in the final years he was in office.  He even appeared on television asking the American people to write their congressmen to put a stop to this shutdown. Media helped defeat him when he ran against Clinton. And I’m sure you remember what we got when Clinton was elected. Shame of the world.

Then when George W. Bush came along, the Democrats did exactly the same thing once again. Bush could not pass any of his legislation, no matter how good it was nor how important it was for our country. The Democratic Congress held to another stalemate and Bush accomplished very little. And then with the help of the media, he was pummeled constantly.

Everything that has happened in this country to hurt us all, ranging  from higher taxes to less freedom has been the fault of the Democrats whether it is in Congress or in the administration. And this has been true since the 1930’s.

So when you vote next time, remember to vote Republican. The Democrats do not have your best interests in mind. They only have their interests in mind. They want to take from those who have worked hard for what they have and give to those who have never worked and do not intend to ever work. Then they use the term ‘working men and women of this country’ over and over again as though they are really interested in what those working people do. When in fact, they are only interested in their own agenda, the complete and absolute takeover of this country and all it stands for. Amid higher, much higher taxes.

Pay attention! Vote Republican next time!



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