The Survey – part 1

20 09 2009

red thumbs downReceived in my mail today a ‘2009 Priority Issues Survey’ put out by the Democratic Party. Well, I certainly wanted to hurry and read that just to see what sort of mindset those people have today.

First line I read said ‘it’s a disturbing demonstration that the more things change, the more they stay the same, at least when it comes to Republican rhetoric and campaign tactics! First question I would ask is, What Change? Nothing but trouble  since we now have a Democratic administration. They don’t seem to understand that ‘change’ does not mean ‘trouble’. Not the same thing at all. And speaking of campaign tactics, Mr. Obama has never yet figured out that he won. He just keeps right on campaigning.

Also, they are saying that the Republicans are stating publicly that they will ‘break’ President Obama by defeating his health care reform plan. Words straight out of my mouth! Here’s hoping!

The actual Survey begins with a plea for funds of course. Always a plea for funds. But this time, the funds are to Help Democrats deliver the positive changes America needs. How about that one! Haven’t seen any of those positive changes yet.

Now for the Survey:  First question is, what is most important and then it goes on to list a whole bunch of choices. First one is to lift the economy out of the Bush recession. I didn’t even know this was a Bush recession. Seems to me that it got started pretty good when Obama took office. I had hardly noticed any recession until then. How about you?

And then we are supposed to choose in the Survey which area is most important and the list includes Automobile, Energy, Aerospace, Banking, Housing and Service. Well, I thought the Democrats had already taken over the Banking, Automobile, Energy, Housing and Aerospace with our tax dollars. At least that is what I have been reading lately. It is over isn’t it? According to the  media’s latest slanted reports, the recession has ended and things are back to normal and all because we are now trillions of dollars in debt. Now, that’s what I call real progress.

Next question, do you believe the Bush Administration’s stated goal of a free, democratic and stable Iraq has been achieved? And then it goes on to mention Afghanistan and the leadership skills and policies of Obama and Sec of State Clinton. #1 – I didn’t know they had any leadership skills.  #2 – I think we should be ready to leave Iraq and get completely out of Afghanistan as fast as our airplanes will carry our servicemen.

Next do you want to close Guantanamo Bay as quickly and responsibly as possible? Because you believe waterbording is torture? And because we have a moral responsibility to not engage in or condone any form of torture? Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think those who have engaged in terroristic acts against the U.S. should be questioned and answers should be expected. Period. Since when are we to coddle those who have acted so horrendously. And no, I do not see any reason to close Guantanamo.

And of course, the question, do you think everyone is entitled to affordable, quality health care? Well of course I do. I also think everyone can buy their own health care just like I have done all my life. I do not feel any responsibility to pay for health care for someone else’s family. When I had a growing family, we paid for our own health care so if we got really sick, it would get us into the hospital. We fully expected to pay for our own doctor bills each and every time we went to the doctor. And we paid for our hospital bills if and when we were hospitalized. Simple. Pay your own way!

And that is only half the survey. More tomorrow.

When and if you get a chance to vote again, make sure it is for a Republican so we can take our country back from those Democrats who are trying to run all aspects of our lives.