The Big Squeeze

19 09 2009

squeezeWhat’s with the whiz kids in Washington these days? First of all, we heard back in election time how the middle class would never see a tax raise if they just voted for the Democrats. Now we are hearing that well, maybe, just possibly, we might just have to raise those taxes just a teeny, tiny bit. Just watch that one! And of course, they are still blaming the previous Republican administration for all their problems. Looks like they would get over that  pretty soon. They have now been in office almost  a year and haven’t made a dent in anything yet. Everything is much worse than it was when they took office and only they can take full responsibility for their screwups.

Now they are making appearances on all the Sunday talk shows and talking of broad based tax increases because of the higher government spending programs which THEY say we MUST have.

Personally, I don’t think we need any more higher government spending programs for anything, anywhere, anytime. I am from the old school that says ‘give us back our tax money’  ‘Lower our taxes’  Let us spend our money as we see fit. Quit giving all the money to those who will not work and have no intention of ever working.

It is time to cut out the government spending spree and get down to business. Cut and cut some more. Quit spending OUR money.

After World War II, we faced an overwhelming amount of debt because of the expenses of the War. The government slashed all expenditures and within two years, Washington was spending less than it took in. Inflation also helped by reducing the real value of the debt. But the point is that we got out of debt. We did it! We can do it again with the right leadership.

Be sure and vote Republican next time!