Stand up, use your voice, write!

17 09 2009

capitalHave you written your congressmen yet? If not, please do so as soon as you can.

Here is a copy of the one I wrote today.

Dear Senator:

No More Czars – get rid of them now!

No More takeovers of the car industries – get that straightened out now!

No More Cap and Trade – if you will just listen to the proper experts, there is no reason for all this energy hype. It is completely unnecessary! Stop this complete nonsense!

No More Government interference in the banking system. Stop this one now! Before the government completely ruins our financial system. This includes all interference in the credit cards, loans, etc. Get the government out of OUR business!

No More meddling in the so-called Fairness Doctrine which would destroy our right to free speech in this country. Get the government out of the radio, television, and internet.

No More meddling with the gun control. We are supposed to be assured the right to bear arms by our Constitution. Make sure this stays in place. Get the government out of our lives!

We don’t want the Guantanamo Base closed. We don’t want the prisoners who have caused such horrendous acts in our lives to be dismissed from there.

Stop this deficit. Now! What a terrible destructive thing it was to approve the stimulus bill. All it has done is increase our deficit ever more. No more deficit spending of any kind!

Get us out of Afghanistan. We don’t want to be there and have no reason to be. No more troops in that area at all. No more sending our young men to be slaughtered by those who only want to do just that.

No More Government in our health care. No government run health care of any kind. Leave us alone!

NO MORE TAXES for any reason. Stop spending OUR money.

Listen to those you represent. And then stand up for what your people believe.

Thank you.



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