Paul Begala versus Sarah Palin, and the winner is…………

16 09 2009

loafersI’m sure everyone remember Paul Begala, one of Clinton’s advisers and helpers along the way to the White House. Mr. Begala recently berated Sarah Palin, insinuating she was a little light in the loafers. It would seem to me that it is the other way around.

First thing Sarah Palin did when she became Governor of the State of Alaska was to get rid of all the old politicians who had been corrupt in that state. Many of them are now wearing orange jump suits. Most of those people were Republicans, so with Sarah, right is right no matter what the party says. I consider that a big plus.

Next she constructed and enacted a new system of splitting the oil profits in Alaska. Exxon protested and she told them ‘don’t let the door hit you in the stern on your way out’. They stayed and Alaska residents are not just wealthy, but are now very rich. All the other international oil companies followed suit. Once again, makes no difference who you are or what you got. According to Sarah, right is right. Another plus.

Now she got rid of all the pork in federal funding. No need for federal handouts in Alaska.

Then she got rid of the governor’s cook and said she knew how to cook for her own family. She sold the governor’s jet because it cost too much of the taxpayer’s money. She gave back the state car and drove her own. And she also dismissed the governor’s security force. Hand it to Sarah to do what is right over and over again.

When she got time, she managed to oversee the planning of construction of a new natural gas pipeline. Incidentally, this will be the biggest construction project in the history of North America. And just for the sake of Alaska, she told Exxon to get off some leased land they had. They had always had an excuse not to drill, holding the land for investment purposes. With her, it was put up or shut up.

Another plus for Sarah is that Alaska is already on 25% renewable resources. Way ahead of all the other states in the Union.

Sarah did all this in just 2-1/2 years of being Governor of Alaska. Another definite plus for Sarah.

I would say Mr. Begala is the one who might be just a little light in the loafers. Perhaps he has not read of her many accomplishments.