Dependence on Foreign Oil

5 09 2009

oil rigIn Jimmy Carter’s time as President of the U.S., 32 years ago, there was a Department of Energy established. Another bureaucratic monstrosity! Today, the Department of Energy has 100,000 contract employees and 16,000 federal employees. And this Department of Energy now has a budget of $24.2 billion a year.

Know why the Department of Energy was established in the first place? It was supposedly to lessen our dependence on foreign oil! Have you noticed any lack of dependence on foreign oil lately? Don’t think I have ever seen a lack of dependence on foreign oil. We are always saving our oil for another day. We are going to pay through the nose for foreign oil while we ‘save’ our oil for a rainy day. I think we have had several cloudbursts during this 32 year span of time.

The liberal element in this country won’t let us drill anywhere unless they approve of our choice. Since they don’t like any of the choices that oil and drilling experts make, we do not get to drill for our own oil. And we are still dependent upon foreign oil. Again. Always.

Write your congressmen about this issue!