Thoughts About War

3 09 2009

soldiersWell, I don’t know how anyone else feels about this issue, but I am sick of hearing about Wars. I have heard of the various wars all my life. I grew up in the 1940’s with World War II. I was definitely tuned in to what was going on during those years and wholeheartedly supported Mr. Roosevelt and all his decisions. You can read more about World War II from my perspective in my book, In the 1940’s. Then as I graduated from high school, the Korean War was going strong. Some of my classmates went to that war. So did my brother. I didn’t know enough about what was going on to be supportive or not. I never could get excited over the 38th Parallel. When I began having a family, the Vietnam War was going full steam. I certainly did not agree with the terrible atrocities that were occurring at the hands of the North Vietnamese. I was all for getting our men out of there and bringing them home. And of course as a mother, I was beginning to worry that my sons might have to go and fight that one.

Next was the Gulf War and I was all for getting Hussein to stop bullying everyone else. So that one was alright and it was fast and furious and over before we hardly knew about it. That was the way to win a war, period. Then we had the Iraq war. We were going to clean up Hussein’s problems and let those people who wanted a better way of life have a chance at it. And we have done just that. But now that they have a chance at a better life, let them get on with it. Get out of there and bring our men home. Let the Iraqi’s deal with their own problems. We have done more than our part.

And then I pick up the morning paper and there is Afghanistan. Why. I don’t want a single one of those rocks over there. Nothing there has any interest to me. Why waste even one more life on that barren place. I don’t see that those people want anything better than what they have. I can still remember the pictures of the Russians pulling out of Afghanistan, riding on their tanks. We don’t need to be there. We don’t need to try and teach everyone how to live our good life. If they want that good life, they can get it for themselves. I don’t see that anyone over there even tries to have a better life. And I cannot buy the story that by being there, we are protecting our way of life.

We need to strengthen our own borders, build up our own defenses and as President Teddy Roosevelt once said, ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’ I’m all for that.



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