Thoughts About That Elusive Birth Certificate

9 08 2009

certificateRight now, there is an effort being made to obtain a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, the long form, the actual certificate in the State of Hawaii. For some unknown reason, it is impossible to obtain this long form birth certificate. You know, the actual certificate that says he really, really was born in Hawaii. Instead of some far off place like Kenya. Isn’t that strange though that the form is inaccessible since it is possible to get other long form birth certificates for other citizens who were born in Hawaii. And yet, it has been impossible to get that piece of paper showing that Obama is actually, really, truly a citizen of our beloved United States of America. Wonder why that is. Wonder what there is to hide about that one. Seems there is a quickie short form available, but it really doesn’t tell much. The long form is what proves he is a citizen. And yet it is unavailable. Sure is strange.



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