The Birthday

7 08 2009

yellow roseWell, the big birthday is finally over. Thank Heavens! My retarded daughter had her birthday today. And it has been a massive undertaking for about a month now. She has been telling everyone in town about her birthday coming up. You would have thought it was going to be the birthday celebration of the year. I usually take her and some friends out for pizza for her birthday. I planned this again and then last weekend, she just fell apart. She had terrible temper tantrums all weekend. Then on Sunday afternoon, she had a seizure in the local store. Well of course this caused just a dab of commotion. Then on Monday morning when she got out of bed, she had another one. So I called some of my children and they agreed to cover for me with the pizza lunch.

In early afternoon, I thought my daughter was much better, so I decided to try to run some errands. I had forgotten that riding in the car will sometimes precipitate a seizure. So we got about two blocks from home and she had another one. I turned the car around and we went home and stayed there. She acted up all afternoon. Then after dinner, she rallied somewhat and settled down. I had decided to keep her out of school as long as necessary so she wouldn’t get any more upset about her @#$% birthday. Instead, she said she was going to school the next day. I agreed that if she slept all night, she could probably go to school. She slept very well and next morning was bright, happy and ready for school. As she stepped up on the school bus, she said, ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t come for pizza, but I had a hard seizure’. And that was that.

The week went fairly well, but she talked about her birthday constantly. Then the big day finally came. Her birthday finally arrived. She had a good day with her friends at school. Her brothers and sisters all called to wish her Happy Birthday! As she settled down for the evening, she told me she had a wonderful birthday.

Sure am glad that birthday is over. Glad I have to wait a whole year for another one. I may run away from home next year. I’m thinking about it.




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