Do you know where our taxes are going?

5 08 2009

We pay taxes and pay them some more. Do you really know where your tax dollars go? I don’t think I know much about it, but I do try to keep up.

For instance, do you know that it cost $1,259,000+ to pay for all the people who assist Michelle Obama in her position as First Lady? This pays for those who keep her calendar, her clothing, and her wishes satisfied. How about that!

And money goes every day to pay for our Medicare and Medicaid bills. But did you also know that you pay in well over enough to suffice to pay for your own care? I know I pay a hefty amount out of my Social Security check each and every month to pay for my Medicare. Doesn’t everyone do the same? So where is all the extra money going. I know I am not collecting all the time. Are you?

And yet the government is collecting from me all the time.

I am definitely for Medicaid helping those who honestly cannot help themselves. I see people all the time who actually do need the help. But I do not think Medicaid money should be used to pay for those who can pay for themselves.

For instance, in our community we have what is called a Community Care Clinic. Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, and all sorts of Technicians donate their time and expertise to give free medical care to all in the community who cannot afford to pay for themselves. The patients have to prove that they have no means of income and cannot provide insurance for themselves. And that they are legal citizens. Then they are eligible for the free care. All ages are treated with dignity and kindness while at the Clinic. All of the medical drugs used are donated by the drug companies. All the staffing is done by volunteers. All the paperwork and computer work is donated by volunteers. Even the pastoral care is donated by local clergy. It is truly a free Clinic for all those who cannot care for themselves. And it costs the government absolutely zero. Nothing. Nada. Why can’t we have such clinics all over the country. I am sure there are those volunteers who are willing to set up, man, and provide help in every community in this wonderful country. Why is no one talking about these kinds of services instead of the over-priced government handouts.

The Health Care Reform promoters are saying that 40 Million people do not have any insurance. Do you know that they are including all the illegal aliens in this figure? Do you want to pay for free health care for them? I don’t.

Also, do you realize that your tax dollars go to provide abortions? Planned Parenthood uses $350 MILLION of your tax dollars to provide such abortions all over the country. And they stand to make at least $85 MILLION in profit. They use your tax dollars to slaughter 305,310 innocent babies. How do you feel about that one? Contact American Life League for any details.

And I heard just tonight on the television that the Secretary of Health is now talking of killing off some babies under the age of 2 because they are not socially acclimated. Sounds like something out of Herod’s time doesn’t it. Or perhaps Hitler’s time. And of course this service would be provided free I’m sure.

Let your Senators and Representatives know where you stand on these issues. Let them hear from you. I faxed all of mine today. I wrote some on the email. Did you? Look up their contact numbers and let them hear from you right now. They need to know where you stand on all the issues today.

Protect your tax dollars. It takes a lot of hard work to make them.