Why get into the healthcare business?

4 08 2009

Regarding the health insurance bill that OUR congress is supposedly studying during their recess, since when is the government supposed to pay for everything for people. I think if I remember right that they call this Socialism or in some cases, Communism. You give all your health, money and time to them and they spend it as they please. Government runs everything in your life. Or at least that is the way I think it works. That is the way it worked in Hitler’s Germany and in Stalin’s Russia. Hope it doesn’t work that way in Obama’s United States of America. Heaven forbid!

You purchase insurance for your car, your home, and your valuables. You even purchase your own life insurance. The government does not pay for them.  Nor do they regulate every aspect of that insurance. And yet, when it comes to your health insurance, the government seems to think they need to take care of you from womb to tomb. Why? I cannot imagine why myself. And you pay for that home insurance, that car insurance, and the insurance for your valuables and even for your life insurance with your own money. Except for special circumsances, your employer does not pay for any of these insurance premiums. And he does not tell you how to buy them nor where to buy them.

Why should health insurance be any different? Didn’t use to be. I used to buy my own health insurance from whatever insurance company gave me the best deal. I shopped this just like I shopped all my other insurance policies and went with the company that did the most for me. Isn’t this the way it is supposed to be done?

So why doesn’t the government back out of the health insurance business and let us get on with our own business. Sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think?




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