A Special Lunch

31 07 2009

For many years, my lunch consisted of feeding one in a high chair, trying to help one in a junior chair, and watching squirming kids while they ate. All this  while trying to carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation with those who were old enough to talk intelligently. There was a span of 13 years between my oldest child and my youngest. So there was always a diversity in the  conversations. There was also a diversity in the foods consumed. From baby food to junior food to grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. So no wonder I looked forward to the day when I could at last, at last, eat lunch by myself. When the last one started school, I planned my first lunch time very carefully. I was really looking forward to eating in a quiet atmosphere. I had even been saving a particular book  to read at that lunch time.

I also planned a lull in my usual chores so I would have ample time to eat before I had to pick up a child at 1:00. Oh, I was so excited. I even took the phone off the hook. I didn’t want anything to disturb this special lunch.

I usually just ate whatever fell out of the refrigerator. But today I prepared my favorite sandwich of roast beef on rye with horseradish sauce. I set my plate on the table, got a napkin, a drink of water, a few chips and settled down to read my book. I took one bite of the sandwich and started reading. Oh, such a relaxing lunch. I remember thinking how wonderful, so quiet, so relaxing.

And then I fell asleep at the table.

I jarred awake when my head bobbed. It was time to pick up the child at 1:00. I grabbed my purse, wrapped the sandwich in the napkin and raced out the door. I would eat on the way.