We Don’t Need Your Health Care

30 07 2009

One of our Senators recently made a speech where she said that the worst thing we can do is to do nothing. I would like to tell all the Senators and Representatives in Congress to PLEASE DO NOTHING!

We have a great country. We have a great health care program just like it is. The worst thing we can do is to try and mess it up.

We don’t need more government programs. We need fewer government programs.

There are lots of scare tactics being used today. We are all going to hell in a hand basket if problems are not fixed immediately! Immediately! Must be done right now. In a hurry!

Well, I remember the words that Haste makes Waste. And that is usually true. I believe it is true regarding the government programs of today.

The simple supply and demand will fix most problems. Where there is ample supply to meet the demands, there will be self governing prices and programs. If the insurance industry is allowed to run on a supply and demand level, then the health care will fix itself.

People who need health insurance should purchase it for themselves. When I was younger, I had to pay $7 a month for health insurance and this only covered getting into the hospital. If I didn’t have that, I could not get into the hospital because they did not accept those who would not pay their bills. And while I was there, they came around and made sure that I was going to pay my bill in a timely manner. Nothing wrong with that. You owe the bill, you pay it. Period.

Nowadays, of course, there is nothing for $7 a month, but there are health plans offered by almost every insurance company that are very affordable. Since when did you have to have insurance to pay a doctor’s normal office visit bill. I see no reason for that. No wonder insurance premiums are high if they have to cover everything imaginable. I can certainly see where a physician should be paid by the insurance if the patient is in the hospital and the bill is for a specialty there. But otherwise, why is it necessary that the doctor’s bill be paid by the insurance company. Surely people are capable of paying something for themselves.

It took me years to pay off the Pediatrician bill for all my children. But I did it. And I paid off every other bill that I owed. And I didn’t look to the government to do that for me.

I was responsible for myself and my own life. Personal Responsibility is the answer to most of the problems of this day.

The government cannot supply that one. Everyone has to do that for themselves.



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