28 07 2009

By the time Bill Clinton ran for President, I knew exactly what was going on and why it was. I paid attention to the news of the day and watched while the current President, George Bush Sr. was maligned every day by the press. We who knew  about Bill Clinton tried our best to tell the national press what he was really like, but they would have none of it. He was the young, vibrant candidate and they were going for him, no matter what his past record had been. For instance, he had raised Arkansas taxes 148 times while he was Governor. He had promised the people that if they would vote for him as Governor, he would NOT run for President. He broke that promise almost as soon as he was sworn in as Governor.

When he ran for President, Clinton had a backup core of young men who knew what they were doing and why they were doing it. Clinton seemed to spend an awful lot of campaigning time in the wrong parts of the country. No one could  understand that. I certainly did not. Why was he doing all his hand shaking and talking in the manufacturing states in the upper midwest. Didn’t make any sense to me. But then when the votes were counted on election night, Clinton won before California had even closed its polls. Not much was ever said in the national press about this occurrence.

What these young advisers had planned  came true that night. They had figured out that the electoral votes which would elect Clinton could be obtained within the first few states that voted. All they had to do was have him win in those early states and he would be proclaimed the winner before the votes were ever counted in the other half of the United States. So those votes would not even count.

Now I’m sure others had figured out this manipulation  over the years, but no one had ever dared to put it into practice. We were a country 200 years old and no one, no one, had ever attempted to manipulate the votes in this manner.

This is typical of the Democrats way of doing things. They are not about to break the law. They will just bend it until it is double. This is what they did that night. They bent the odds in their favor. They used every angle possible. And then they walked away as victors. Smart people. Very smart people. But just a little bit too slick to suit me.

I want to see things done the way the United States of America had done them before. I want honesty and integrity in all that goes on in the government. I don’t want a slick campaigner. I don’t want a slick politician. I want someone who will lead us on the straight and narrow path. I want a good, honest person who says what he believes in and then acts on it. I don’t want rhetoric that keeps on being rhetoric and means absolutely nothing.

In other words, I don’t want Obamas in the White House ever again. I don’t want programs crammed down the throats of the working people. I don’t want taxes raised. I don’t want hidden agendas salted by lobbyists. I don’t want rushed and hushed legislation enacted.

I want the Republican way of doing things. I want honesty up front. I want someone who says what he means and means what he says. Even if we don’t like what we hear. Integrity. Honesty.

Vote Republican the next time around so we can take our country back.