THEY May Think THEY Know, but THEY Don’t!

27 07 2009

The liberal element in this country has been trying to change things to their way a long time. They came out in full force during the 1960’s and have been going strong ever since. THEY want to tell you that you and your daughters and everyone you know should have an abortion. THEY know what is best for you.

THEY were the ones who hollered loud and clear about the population explosion. I still see lots and lots of land for expansion. It has been 50 years since they first hollered about this issue and I still see no problem with the population explosion. None whatsoever!

THEY want to tell you that we are having an energy crisis. THEY want to be the ones to tell you what kind of car you can drive, how far you can go each day, and what kind of fuel you can use. And yet, THEY are the ones who have stopped the production of oil in this country. THEY are the ones who won’t let the oil companies drill in certain areas. We have lots of oil, but cannot get to it because the liberals say we cannot. So we have to remain dependent upon oil from the other side of the world because THEY say so.

Well, I have been through many a clunker in order to get to the automobile I have now. I do not intend to feel guilty because I drive a nice automobile. I do not feel bad about the amount of gasoline I use each week. I do not intend to feel guilty about the way I live at all.

THEY are the ones who are now hollering as loud as possible about global warming. And yet, this has been the coolest summer we have had in years. According to the local weather report, there were over 200 records broken this past week because the weather has been so cool for July. No global warming in my part of the world.

THEY say  we will soon run out of electricity and water and coal and natural gas and everything else we need in this world. And yet, all around me, I see progress by the electrical companies who  invest constantly in new technologies. There is ample water for everyone. Scientists have known for years how to tap the oceans and rivers for more water if we need it. Coal is beginning to make a comeback and has been doing so for the last several years. Natural gas is plentiful everywhere it is needed.

And just look around at the new technologies coming out every day. New ways of communicating, new ways of doing research, new ways for progress in almost every area.

And yet the liberals continue to preach doom and gloom at every opportunity.

And now THEY are preaching about the ‘green’ world we should all live in. THEY know best as usual. Or they think they do.

THEY don’t seem to understand this is God’s world. And He will take care of us just fine. I have no doubts about that.

THEY are just simply not in charge of this world. It is high time THEY realized this.