Change We Can Believe In??

26 07 2009

Promises! Promises! Where are the promises Obama made to all of us. He was elected on promises. He promised to fix the economy although it really was not that broken. He promised to fix everything that was wrong in the whole wide world. He was going to make peace everywhere so guess that’s why we are not leaving Afghanistan although he has never told us why we are there. But I suppose that is in the peace promise – somewhere.

And the economy is in terrible shape, much worse than it was when he was elected. His extreme deficit which HE – not George Bush – has created. And the jobs – where are they! More jobs lost now than at any time since the Great Depression. More homes lost than ever before. More businesses closed than ever before. When is he going to ever stop.

Maybe we didn’t really need his sort of promises after all. Maybe we would have been better off staying with what we had, and knowing where we were headed. Maybe we should have all voted Republican last time around.

Hope you will vote Republican the next time around. We sure do need that CHANGE that Obama promised. Wonder what it was supposed to be.