They decide, We Foot the Bill

25 07 2009

When I was younger, early 20’s, I could have been called a liberal for sure. I had heard about the people who needed clothing, especially shoes, food, and shelter. After World War II, the whole world needed something. And my young mind accepted all this and thought of ways I could help – some day when I got older. Then the true liberals started talking about other things, like the population explosion where each person was only going to have one square foot to stand in. Why, we were not even going to be able to lie down or sit down. And then they started making lots of noises about everything THEY wanted to do in this world. WE were all going to save the world. WE were going to provide for all those poor souls who could not provide for themselves. Of course, I thought of children when they said these things and I knew that children could not provide for themselves. But then I came to realize they were talking about people like themselves. People who were not interested in working to have a better life. They were just simply going to hold their hand out and someone would provide for them. Later, we went on a picnic to a national park. While there, we watched as a young family taught their children to wash in the pond and brush their teeth in the public water fountain. They were all unkempt with hair that not seen a comb in many a day.

By this time, I had been married for several years and had children of my own. I taught them to brush their teeth in the bathroom at home and to wash in the tub each day. I combed their hair and provided clean clothes for them to wear. I fed them three solid meals every day. And I considered this to be my job. I was their mother. I did my part to care for my family. My husband went to work each and every day and did his part to provide a comfortable home, a nice car, food, and clothes for all of us.

By that time, we were literally surrounded in this world by those liberals among us who wanted to care for the world and yet not bother to care for themselves. Someone else was going to do that.

As I have grown older, I still see these same liberals who, in the name of compassion, are going to fix the world – on someone else’s dollar bills. THEY will decide what to do and WE will pay for it. ┬áHealth care, car industry, banking industry, welfare, educational opportunities. You name it, YOU can pay for it. THEY will make sure of that.