Open your eyes to what is going on!

24 07 2009

Pay Attention! Your President now has his hand in the auto industry, the housing industry, the banking industry, and now he is trying his dead level best to take control of the health care industry.

And I read in the papers today that he has a plan – which he has presented to the proper committees to take over the federal money industry. He wants to endow the Federal Reserve with unheard of new powers which could duplicate and even overrule other regulators and regulations. He is suggesting this new power to make the Federal Reserve the ‘super cop’ of the whole U.S. financial system as well as create the new oversight council to boost coordination among regulators and raise capital requirements for financial institutions. In other words, he, through his plan, would be able to say who could stay in business in the banking industry and who would be gone. How much power should this president have. Already too much for me. And I’m sure he already has a czar in mind for this position also.

If he has his hands on all these parts of our lives, that will just leave us with the power to go to walmart unless he takes that away also.

Pay Attention to what is going on!

Tell your Senators and Congressmen that you do not like any of this. It is very important that you speak up now. And continue to speak up. I wrote all of mine last week and told them that if they vote for the health care program that Obama is putting forth, or if they support any of his programs, I will do all I can to make sure they will not be elected again. And I will do just that. I will be happy to write letters, make telephone calls, send emails or whatever is necessary to see that these liberal congressmen and senators are no longer around. Ever again!

Vote Republican next time. And consider voting for Huckabee. We need him. He has a conservative program consisting of lowering taxes or even getting rid of the income taxes. He is very supportive of the anti-abortion agenda. And he is for everything that I am for and that means he is not for anything liberal. Hooray! We badly need someone like him.