Wait a minute… Am I in the wrong place??

17 07 2009

Tonight as I watched the blips across the tv screen, I was appalled at all that I saw. The Senate is to vote as to whether or not the car manufacturers, GM and Chrysler have to maintain the same dealerships they had before their bankruptcy petitions. Obama says they should not have the same dealers. Since when is the President or the Senate in charge of the car dealerships.

And Obama wants to raise taxes on all those who make the most money to assure that those who do not have health insurance will have their insurance paid for. Since when do those who work have to pay the price for those who do not work. I realize a great number of people are out of work at this time – another Obama tactic. But those who work the hardest are the small business owners. They should not have to pay for those people who choose not to work. I have always paid my own way in this world. Others should too.

Obama is still blaming the Bush Administration for the financial mess the country is in. The present administration has had ample time to instill the work ethic, put people back to work, provide the stimulus they promised, and make sure our country is on the right track. They don’t seem to even know there is a track. We have more unemployment than we have had in decades. We have more problems with the money market than we have ever had before. More people prefer not to work than anytime since the great depression. And that stimulus package is a joke if I ever heard of one. $250 per person. What can you purchase for $250 anyway. You can’t buy a month’s groceries. You cannot make a car payment. You cannot make a house payment. You cannot make much of a dent in a credit card debt. Just what was the country supposed to do with that wonderful stimulus package.

We are all just more in debt than before because our grandchildren will still be paying the bills for all this excessive spending. And the spending so far has benefitted no one.

It was proven in the 1930’s that the stimulus packages Franklin Roosevelt proposed did not help the country much. It was World War II that brought the country out of the depression years. And we certainly do not ever want another World War II.

And that brings up another report I see on the television all the time. The loss of life in Afghanistan. Why are we in Afghanistan anyway? I understood fully why Bush sent our troops into Iraq. There was no doubt that Hussein needed to be deposed. And the erroneous reports Hussein made on the weapons of mass destruction were designed to scare off any invasion plans that Iran might have had. So we had ample reason to be in Iraq although I am very glad that is over. But Afghanistan? That is ridiculous. Obama did Afghanistan on his own. Our men are dying every day and he has not even explained yet why we are there.

And about the woman judge, Sotomayor who is being questioned for the Supreme Court position, she has remarked several times that she is in full agreement with the roe vs. wade ruling to assure that a woman has complete control over her own body, including the right to abort her baby if she so desires. This is appalling!

Abortion, Car Dealerships, Afghanistan, Government Run Health Care. What else?

I think I got off the bus at the wrong stop.