Raising Children

15 07 2009

There is an overwhelming amount of advice to parents about how to raise their children. Seems everyone is qualified to offer all kinds of advice to parents. By now, many parents are wondering what in the heck they have gotten themselves into by becoming parents. Well, I am here to save the day! I can offer a crash course in raising children. That is one thing I learned how to do very well. I have raised 6 great children. They all are grown up, mature, and very happy as adults. They all have good stable families, good careers, and a nice life. If you want to raise responsible children, then you as parents must set the example by being responsible parents. Period. For all your child’s life, you must act responsible. You must be responsible in your home, your marriage, your job, your faith, your interaction with others, and in the treatment of your child. You must show your child that you love him by taking care of his needs. This does not mean providing him with every possible material thing he desires. Use common sense and act responsibly in all that you do for him. As he grows from a baby into an adult, he will understand by seeing your responsible example that he is also to be responsible for his actions. He will learn by your example to be responsible in his home, his daily life, his age related chores, and in his interaction with others. This will lead to a responsibility in his school work, the choosing of his friends, and his behavior when he is away from home. As the years progress, one thing leads to another and if you always set the good example, he will follow where you lead him. You are the parent. He is the child. He will always follow you. It is up to you to set the responsible example to lead him in the right ways. And that is all there is to this crash course in parenting. Enjoy your child! Enjoy your life! And set the responsible example always!



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