OK, Enough Already!

11 07 2009

Noticed that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the derivatives market helped to cause all the problems in the economy.  One excuse after another! Now he says we need greater oversight so nothing like that will ever happen again.  Derivatives means that the financials  are derived from something else, such as  mortgage backed securities or a commodity like oil.  Seems funny to me that this country has been in the derivatives and  other businesses for many years without anyone thinking we needed more oversight.  How much more oversight do we need from the government.

Geithner says we need to establish a comprehensive framework to monitor the complex financial instruments crucial to laying the foundation for a safer, more stable financial system.  My, My.  What a lot of big words.  Said simply, he means we need for them to tell us how to run all the money business in our country.  Don’t think so.  I think they need to back off and let the common citizens run their own country.  We have been doing fine for many years and didn’t need any stimulus packages or special taxes to do it all.  I think the stimulus package that would help the most would be to lower our tax burden.  Drop the taxes from the gasoline, the groceries, the energy, and then see how much more stimulus we need.  And after that, drop the income taxes and the transportation taxes and the sales taxes.  Then see if this will stimulate the economy. Bet it would.  Bet we would all see such a surge in business that we would once again be the greatest, most prosperous country on the face of the earth.

We don’t need the government to run the health care, nor the banks, nor the car manufacturing, nor the housing industry.  We don’t need the government telling us how to live our lives.

One of the top selling books today is Dick Morris’ latest, Catastrophe.  If you can get a copy, by all means read it.   You will be amazed at how much the government has intruded into your daily life

Vote Republican next time you get a chance.



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