Let Us Never Forget the Price……

9 07 2009

Do you know what price has been paid for your freedom?   Have you ever heard of the Sullivan family who gave up five of their children during World War II?   I do not remember where they were from, but the family had raised five boys and one girl.  Four of the boys were not married.  The youngest, fifth boy in the family, married and had one child.  When the War years came along, all of the young men decided to join the services together, including the one who had married and had the child.  Together, they decided to join the Navy.  All five were assigned to the same submarine.  While they were serving, their submarine was hit by a torpedo and sank to the bottom of the ocean.  All five Sullivan boys perished at once.

There was a movie made about this terrible tragedy.  I do not remember if it is just called The Sullivans, or the Sullivan Family, but I am sure it can still be obtained somewhere.  It is one which everyone should watch.  William Bendix played their father in the movie.

After this terrible incident, members of the same family are not allowed to serve together in the Armed Forces.

I cannot imagine the horror of losing five members of a family, especially young men who had not even truly lived their lives yet.  Such promise snuffed out in a moment of time.

Just think about that terrible price that the Sullivan family paid so that your freedom is assured today and every day.  When you see the proud young men of today serving our country in various ways, remember the Sullivan boys and pray such a price will never have to be paid again.