Respect Our Country and Stand Proud

10 06 2009

All the time I was growing up, I was taught to be proud to be an American.  I stood proudly with my hand over my heart when the Star Spangled Banner was played or when the American Flag was raised or lowered.  I was always proud of being who I was and where I was from.  I have traveled all over the world and never, ever was ashamed of being an American.  I knew I stood out sometimes because I was ‘different’.  But I was always very proud to proclaim  United States of America when asked where I was from.

Then in the early 60’s, those in the media began making fun of America and the American ways.  It was really funny when they made fun of the President of the United States.  And laughter was abundant when they sang songs railing against our Country, our Families, our Values and our God.  Then it became the way of the land to have complete disrespect for all that the United States of America had stood for during all the  previous years.  Family values were laughable.  Morals were old fashioned.  Anything goes.  As long as you don’t get caught, everything is o.k.

I watched in horror some evenings as complete disrespect for all I had held sacred was trampled right in my own living room.

We have fallen a long way down that hill. Now it is time to begin to climb back up and reclaim our rightful place in this world.

We should be proud to be Americans whenever and wherever we happen to be.   We should hold our heads up high, stand tall with our hands over our hearts when our National Anthem is played or our beautiful American Flag is raised or lowered anywhere in this world.

We should work hard to reclaim our rightful public respect for our Country, our Families, our Values and our God.

Plant your feet firmly on the American soil and proclaim for all to hear that you believe in all the sacred values of our Land.  Turn off that media when it tramples on your beliefs.  Teach your own children to be proud Americans.  State your Values and stick to them, no matter who or what tells you that you are wrong.

Be proud to be an American!!!


God’s House Cleaning

9 06 2009

So much going on everywhere.  The media hypes everything up so we all think we are in a handbasket on our way to hell.  But do not be alarmed at anything that you see or hear.  God is just cleaning house in this world.  These Ponzi schemes for instance.  They have been going on for a very long time.  And the embezzlers got away with all their schemes for many, many years.  Then suddenly, they are at the end of their road.  Can cheat no more.

It has been said that ‘when he thinks he has it all won, it will all be taken away from him.’  This is speaking of the devil of course.  And he has had full rein over this world for the past century.  Now it is over.  God  will right all the wrongs.  He will bring to the forefront all those who have hidden their crooked ways for so many years.  Watch and wait.  More and more you will hear of those being caught for past wrongs.  You will be able to recognize those who have been so important as they fall from their flimsy thrones.

Just this morning, I saw on the television where a new Gallup poll shows that more and more Americans are Pro-Life.  See, God is righting all the wrongs.

Enjoy!  Enjoy watching while God cleans house in this world.