Let God Decide

24 06 2009

Well, i guess jon and kate are finally calling it quits.  it just amazes me how they ever managed to get into the mess they are in anyway.  who would want to spend all their days inside a daycare situation.  Every time I turn on the television set, I get to see how jon and kate are having problems.  i can only imagine.  You know, there should never have been a problem  in the first place.

If people would just go back to letting God decide how many children they have and when they are born, everything would fall  into place pretty quickly.  The old practice – before all women had to have  salaried jobs – was to have a child and nurse it for a reasonable amount of time.  The nursing was a natural birth control.  After that baby was weaned, then if God intended it, you would have another child.  Sometimes people had more children  and sometimes they did not.

In my particular case, I had 4 children in five years.  It was quite a chore to take care of them, feed them, and have the patience to get through a few rough years.  And then when things settled down somewhat, God decided we should have 2 more. And that was a great blessing.  I enjoyed all my children when they were growing up.  And I still enjoy all of them now that they are grown and have children of their own.  God truly blessed me many times over.

I didn’t feel like it was necessary to plan my life away. I didn’t have to carry that heavy burden of   deciding for myself when and if I would have children.  God made the decisions at our house and it worked.  It will work today for anyone who has enough Faith to live with that Trust in God every day.  If God gives the children and the parents accept them lovingly, God will also provide the means to support the children  and to have the patience to raise them to be responsible adults.