It’s the Little Things We Do

15 06 2009

Just thought I would tell you of something I do to make people happy.  It does not cost me much and takes very little time.  But it makes a whole lot of people very, very happy.

I received a calendar from a local children’s charity last year.  On it were listed the birth dates of the children they take care of.  Some months have 1 or 2, other months may have 20 names on it.  I went to the local dollar store and bought several boxes of birthday cards.  Each box cost only $1.

Then around the first of each month, I address a birthday card to each child who is on that month’s list.  Then I also enclose a $1 bill.  I usually mail all of that month’s cards at one time because otherwise I might forget to mail them later and I would not want any of the children to be disappointed.  I have received several thank you notes from children telling me how happy it made them to get the card and the $1 bill. And also telling me that it is something they all look forward to.  Total cost is very minimal.

I also send birthday cards from my retarded daughter to all her friends at school.  I follow the same procedure.  I have a list of who has a birthday each month.  I let her scribble her name somewhere on the card.  Then I enclose a $1 bill.  I address the card on the outside saying who it is to and that it is from my daughter.  Then she carries the cards to school and a teacher distributes them to the children.  Again, I send them all at one time.  The date does not matter much to the child and they are extremely happy with the thoughtfulness of the card and the excitement of receiving the dollar.

I have a friend who takes the time to stop by and read the newspaper to a friend who is bedridden.  Another friend calls the local senior citizen center and makes arrangements to take lunch to a friend once in awhile.  Then she stays and visits for a few minutes.  The visit is far more important than the meal.

One of my neighbors likes to bake.  But she and husband cannot eat a whole cake.  So she  keeps wrapped cake slices in her freezer.  If someone is ill or needs a boost that day, she takes a piece of cake to them.

It is the thought that counts you know.  It doesn’t take much money to make others happy.  Just a willing heart and a helping hand.  Give it a try.  You will be the happiest of all!

Much Sensationalism, Little Action

15 06 2009

The poor street person used to be taken care of in a hospital.  There were hospitals in every state which provided food, warmth, and clean, decent living conditions for anyone who honestly was not capable of working.  Then the liberal element took their cases through the courts and got all those hospitals closed down, turning the people out onto the streets.  Who won on that issue.  Certainly not the person on the street.   Now they walk the streets day and night.  Most do not even know where they are walking to or from.  They have no shelter, no food, and no place of comfort.  The city and county governments along with volunteer groups try to feed them, clothe them, and help them with whatever they need.  It was better before when they knew where they belonged and were taken care of properly. I know that some people abused the system, but then someone always does.  They do it today with those who are on the streets just like they did when they were housed in the hospitals.  They were not in the majority in the hospitals and they are not in the majority today.  The abusers just made more interesting copy for the story writers.  So it was sensationalism at its best.

The result is what you see now.  Those who have nowhere to bathe, no clean clothes, no money in their pocket, no one to care where they are, where they came from, nor where they are going.

Those on medication are told where to go to get their pills.  If they don’t show up, it is said, ‘he stopped taking his medication’.  Perhaps they don’t know where they are that day and cannot find the place for their medication. Sometimes you read in the newspapers, ‘he stopped taking his medication and beat someone up, or he killed someone’.  Wouldn’t it be better if they were provided a safe place to stay?

In my community, there was a  woman, probably in her 40’s who sat on a bench on the service road of a major highway.  She wore a heavy coat, and wrapped it tightly around her all the time.   This was the middle of the summer, probably 100 degrees every day.  She sat there for hours and hours.  I finally called a local organization and asked about her.  I was told – we cannot touch her.  She says she can take care of herself and so we cannot provide her with anything.  Regulations do not permit us to interfere in any way.  Isn’t that a shame.   Obviously, the woman needed help badly and no one was able to see that she got it.  I don’t know what ever happened to her.  But I hope someone was able to give her the help she needed.

Maybe the liberal element really did not know what was best.  Like with most things, they only bought the sensationalism and did not really know the issues involved.