More Americans Pro-Life

14 06 2009

I heard just today that a new poll is showing that more Americans are now Pro-Life.  I never could understand why anyone would be for murder in the first place.  Why would anyone anywhere want to kill an unsuspecting, tiny, sweet human being.

No matter how inconvenient it might be, it would be much better to have life than death.  And if need be, the child could always be put up for adoption, thus giving the child life and the new family a whole brand new life also.

I have never had the opportunity to work in any of the pro-life offices in this country, but some of my friends have done so.  I asked them one time what were the major reasons for abortion.  I had always thought it was the poor young unsuspecting girl who could not afford to raise the baby.  But my friends assured me that was not always the case.  Sometimes a parent will insist that this young girl have an abortion over the young girl’s wishes.  But they said the primary reason for abortion was because the mother could not afford to have the child, but not for money reasons.  Either she was too busy.  Or she already had all the family she needed.  Or she just couldn’t stand the thought of the inconvenience of caring for a child, especially if she was over 30 and had a very important and busy social life.

And then there was the final and surprising reason.  They told me that a lot of the women who came in looking to have an abortion were those who were in the midst of an affair and had accidentally gotten pregnant and could not take the chance of having a child.  Either because their husbands would be suspicious or because their social circle would be suspicious.

Isn’t that sad, though.  To think someone would commit murder for those reasons.  Pray for them.



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