Ever So Thankful………

20 03 2009

I was driving this morning, noticing all the beautiful early spring flowers and budding trees. God really paints a pretty picture. And that reminded me how many things I need to thank God for every day. Just the fact I am out and driving this morning is one, the scenery is another, everything in my life many times over is another. So instead of always asking for something from God, I try to remember to say ‘Thank You’ and then ‘What would You have me to do for You today.’ Seems like there should be something I could be doing in return for this wonderful life. I’m sure God will let me know as the day passes by. Hope I do it all just right.


Just Ask

20 03 2009

Having had the flu bug lately, it is hard to get going in the mornings. Also hard to keep going long after dark, but I always know in the back of my mind that God’s Love and Mercy are with me at every step. He is walking with me, helping me along when i don’t feel like moving again. He is right there answering all my requests. All I have to do is ask. I just have to remember to ask. Have Mercy on me. Thank you, Dear God.