Birthday Test

18 03 2009

Almost my birthday once again. When I think back over the many I have had before, one stands out above them all. One year, I asked God for a special gift. I wanted to know if I was doing a good job as a wife and mother. Well, beginning before breakfast, every time someone walked in the room where I was, they just ate me up. Something was wrong with everything all day long. Even when I would go off by myself for a minute, one of the children or my husband would follow me to tell me what was wrong, wrong, wrong with something I had done. By mid afternoon, I was about to give up and accept the fact that I was a terrible wife and mother when it suddenly struck me that this is exactly what the devil wanted me to think. He wanted me to think everything I was doing was wrong, but I knew in my heart that I was doing a good job. I am a great wife and mother. Happy Birthday!



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